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The New LotMom is Here!

The New LotMom has launched.  Here is a FAQ and troubleshooting guide. VENDORS: How do I create a LotMom account and truck profile? I have an account, how do I book a lot on the new lotmom system? How do I manage my information like menu and documents? How do I add my own events to my lotmom schedule? How do I look at my schedule? How do I refund myself? ORGANIZERS:    

Using Lotmom: for lot owners

Food Truck Lots Book, schedule and manage trucks on your lots without the hassle. LotMom allows you to complete your bookings with the push of a button, and gives you total control over how your lots are managed. With LotMom, we do the hustling so you can keep your lot full of your favorite trucks and satisfied customers. To get started Create an account.  Verify your account by clicking the link in the verification email.  Now you’re ready to create your first lot! How do I add a food truck lot? Go to “organizers” you’ll have to connect with Stripe…

Food Truck Lots

As far back as Ancient Rome merchants served the public by selling “street food” in marketplaces, sporting venues, fairs and other large gatherings.  Street food vending precedes restaurants by centuries.  In the late 1700s, France saw the fall of the aristocracy which minimized the royal rights of the guilds (confectioners, rotisseurs, butchers) that had control over certain foods since the middle ages.  Many of the guild members sold food in open air marketplaces.   Back in those days restaurants were opposed vigorously by the guilds who thought that allowing patrons to sit down and eat food in the same place…